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Cleanroom Operator

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Why is working in a cleanroom so special? It is a highly controlled environment where much of today’s scientific research, product testing and manufacturing of sensitive materials takes place for a host of industries—from pharmaceutical to food/beverage, medical devices, and electronics applications.

Cleanrooms are held to stricter cleanliness standards than typical production environments. By following detailed and thorough protocols, certified Cleanroom Operators help ensure that pollutants are kept to a minimum during the manufacturing process. Whether the potential “intruders” come in liquid, air, steam, dust or solid form, Cleanroom Operators help keep them at bay through prevention and skilled response.

Detailed training for Cleanroom Operators is necessary and valuable. Depending on the specific industry or application requirements, a standard for cleanliness must be maintained—and particles not visible to the human eye must be accounted for. Special filters, HVAC systems, and other equipment helps maintain those standards—but Cleanroom Operators also play a huge role in achieving the required cleanliness level inside the workspace.

Industrial Insite created this training program to help workers secure a hiring advantage, whether seeking a new job or reinforcing existing skills, as a Cleanroom Operator. It provides graduates of our OpVantageSM Core Manufacturing Skills course with additional core competencies and skills that add value to their current or future employer.

Employers wishing to enhance the knowledge of their workforce can choose to deliver the entire course or only those topics that are most relevant to your plant. Curriculum can be customized to specific on-site processes and requirements.

By completing the Cleanroom Operator course, students identify the unique job requirements in a typical manufacturing cleanroom setting. Their knowledge and performance is evaluated through written review and a final exam in a mock cleanroom setting.

This 40-hour Cleanroom Operators course includes a robust curriculum of core competencies relevant to current or future employment, including:

Topics include general cleanroom operator position responsibilities, definitions and general safety considerations.

Students will understand cleanliness requirements, tools/equipment used, chemicals used, cleanliness methods, and inspection and documentation protocols.

Topics include construction, ventilation, inspection or cleanroom environments.

Students will demonstrate the ability to execute personnel operational protocols and procedures for cleanroom entrance, in-process work and cleanroom exit.

Topics include sources, prevention, hazards of contamination materials and recovery after a contamination event.


Completion of the OpVantageSM Core Manufacturing Skills Course
(80 hours) or equivalent.

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Cleanroom Operator Training

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