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The history of Industrial Insite is really a story about gaining a fresh perspective about the future of manufacturing.

During his military and civilian career as an electronics specialist, our founder, Mark Pitman, saw the world from many vantage points—from dusty crawl spaces in north Africa to state-of-the-art computer labs in the Midwest. But one day, while servicing a drive on top of a construction tower crane, Mark had a defining moment. He saw an opportunity to change the way that manufacturers approached equipment maintenance, service repair, and employee training in general. He saw a new kind of business model. He wanted to partner closely with customers to deliver meaningful training that boosts employee and company performance. He resolved to focus on one of his greatest passions: The renewed success of U.S. Manufacturing.

In 1998, Mark founded Industrial Insite with the goal of keeping industry moving forward. Since that time, the company has developed effective training methodologies based on proven performers such as the ADDIE model and SAT process. Currently, Industrial Insite serves a diverse customer base including some of the region’s largest electronics manufacturers, power utilities, food producers and medical device manufacturing companies.

According to Mark, “We don’t do training for the sake of training; we satisfy a very tangible need. We help employees learn the skills, embrace the processes, grasp the technology… whatever they need to become a more valuable and higher contributor to the American manufacturing marketplace.”

Since 1998, we have specialized in helping manufacturers meet world-class standards for quality through training program design, tailored curriculum development and expert qualified instruction.

Whatever your training needs may be—whether it’s skills training for manufacturing, customized training for power generation projects, training for OSHA qualification, or experienced instructors for niche markets—we have the expertise to get it done.

Our training program development team and qualified professional instructors are veterans of the rigorous demands of regulated and specialized industries such as:

  • Aerospace electronics manufacturing
  • Avionics repair
  • Department of Defense support
  • Electric Utilities
  • Electronic assembly
  • Food service
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Patent-protected controls and systems
  • Power generation
  • Security-sensitive projects
  • Transportation
  • Heavy Industry/Durable Goods manufacturing


Industrial Insite specializes in helping manufacturers meet world-class standards for quality. We are committed to keeping industry in motion by providing effective, skills-based training to the manufacturing workforce.


We are a company with great admiration for the innovation, values and hard work of American manufacturers. Industrial Insite is passionate about contributing to the success of domestic manufacturing by helping our customers meet world-class standards for quality.

What our customers say…

The training addressed precisely what we needed to learn.

Scott County Area
MainTraining Program Participant

The training was very informative; good open discussions in class.

Rosemount Nuclear

The instructor used stories — examples from his experience — to convey information, which was very helpful.

Emerson Process Control

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