Manufacturing Training Programs

Qualified. Dynamic. Effective.

Our task-based manufacturing training programs equip your employees (and your plant) for optimal performance.

We have a proven process for developing quality training at the task, job, craft and company level.

Our training program experts will guide you through the process, facilitating team meetings and interactions with subject matter experts as appropriate. We’ll help you uncover specific learning objectives and curriculum that is most relevant for your workforce. We can also supplement your training staff in delivering that curriculum.

What’s so important about worker qualification?

Since the retiring workforce is taking a vast amount of specialized skills and knowledge with them, it is getting harder to find workers who are truly qualified for the tasks at hand. Who will take their place? How will you ensure that today’s new hires have what it takes to become subject matter experts and mentors to others in the future?

Our training programs help employers retain that knowledge and transfer it to the more inexperienced workers through:

  • Industry Training
  • Manufacturing Training
  • On-site Training
  • Operator Training
  • Quality Training
  • Workforce Skills Training
  • Technical Training
  • Training Certification
  • Training Programs
  • Training Staff Augmentation

We understand that qualifying and certifying workers is a results-driven process. Our unique, proven Systemic Approach to Training process assures that learning objectives are achieved.

  • Analyze Needs and establish Effectiveness Tools
  • Design Events
  • Develop Materials
  • Implement Events
  • Evaluate Effectiveness

Training Program Descriptions

Our qualification specialists will evaluate your certification and training processes to ensure that your qualification standards are being met. We will provide you with a documented Training Program Description, which will define a repeatable process and the requirements for worker qualifications.

Learning Management Systems

Industrial Insite understands the valuable role that software plays in many training programs. We use a variety of effective software tools, such as the Learning Management System, to enhance and reinforce the learning process. From tracking basic qualifications to the most complex curriculums, we can provide you with a customized training solution to meet your reporting requirements.
We have the experience and expertise to help you:

  • Document, track and report training occurrences
  • Customize online curricula
  • Deliver appropriate learning content rapidly and effectively
  • Conduct process flow analysis and/or develop new processes

Capture the wisdom of your workforce before it retires.

You know better than anyone that there is a staggering number of very experienced manufacturing workers set to retire in the next few years. How will you ensure that their knowledge of your process is passed on to others with less hands-on experience?

Industrial Insite can help you capture the wisdom of your skilled workers and create a workforce training program that gives any new hire the tools to succeed.

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Manufacturing Training Programs

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