We provide effective skills-based training to the manufacturing workforce.

Industrial Insite is a Minneapolis/St. Paul-based company that has kept industry in motion since 1998. We specialize in helping regulated industries meet world-class standards for quality through training program design, tailored curriculum development and expert qualified instruction.

Whatever your training needs may be — whether it’s skills training for manufacturing, customized training for power generation projects, training for OSHA qualification, or experienced instructors for niche markets — we have the expertise to get it done.

Production Workforce Skills Training

Minnesota is home to a diverse manufacturing community. From heavy metal foundries to nanotechnology manufacturing in clean room environments, production worker skills are valuable assets.

Soldering Training and IPC Certification programs

Soldering Training and IPC Certification

Rely on local experts to qualify your workers. We provide IPC training and certification for the industry-recognized CIS designations. Or choose a more customized approach with other soldering skills training options.

MSSC Certification Training

Employers looking to raise the level of performance of front-line production workers to an even higher level can choose Manufacturing Skill Standards Certification (MSSC).

OSHA Training

OSHA Training

In the U.S., under the U.S. OSH Act (“OSHA”), employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace. It’s important to not just put safety on the agenda, but to make it a top priority.

Encore Training

Industrial Insite is prepared to help employers get the qualified workers you need by leveraging the skills and knowledge of the retiree workforce – members of our Encore Training Team.

Workforce Training

Delivering quality tools and training to fuel greater manufacturing momentum. Ready to boost the performance of your workforce? Does your company need to satisfy regulatory requirements for training or qualification? Industrial Insite can help with both.

Training Staff Augmentation

Do you need experienced training staff on-site for a short-term project or longer-term commitment? Trust Industrial Insite to bring just the right full-time or part-time professionals to your facility.

Multilingual Training

Today’s workforce is diverse. While many manufacturers publish their quality standards in one language, they can’t rely on every worker to have the ability to interpret that language into meaningful expectations. We’ve figured out how to do that.

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Customized Training Solutions

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