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Promoting Safety, Confidence and Quality at Work

In the U.S., under the U.S. OSH Act (“OSHA”), employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace. It’s important to not just put safety on the agenda, but to make it a top priority.

Do you need a turn-key solution to provide OSHA training to your workers? Industrial Insite is the reliable OSHA training partner that you need. We know that the best OSHA training programs build measurable competencies that lead to enhanced employee safety, higher productivity, and greater confidence in quality outcomes. No matter what industry or market space you represent, Industrial Insite has the OSHA training experience you can rely on.

Industrial Insite provides industry-standard and tailored safety training courses to help you demonstrate your commitment to OSHA compliance.

OSHA 10 and OSHA 30

Industrial Insite is pleased to support your compliance efforts through the following OSHA safety programs, delivered by OSHA-authorized trainers:

This is an entry-level course designed to help workers recognize and prevent OSHA safety hazards. Training content includes a variety of general industry safety and health hazards which a worker may encounter; how to identify, abate, avoid and prevent job-related hazards on a job site as well as information about worker rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint.

OSHA 10 Training Topics

  • Introduction to OSHA
  • Walking & Working Surfaces
  • Exit Routes and Action Plans
  • Electrical
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hazard Communication
  • Other topics relevant to your specific work site

This course is designed to meet the needs of more experienced workers, such as production foremen and safety supervisors. Training emphasizes hazard identification, avoidance, control and prevention.

OSHA 30 Training Topics

  • Introduction to OSHA
  • Managing Safety and Health
  • Walking & Working Surfaces
  • Exit Routes and Action Plans
  • Electrical
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Materials Handling
  • Hazard Communication
  • Other topics relevant to your specific work site

General and Specialized OSHA Training

Trust Industrial Insite to deliver comprehensive OSHA training that meets management and regulatory requirements for general and specialized skills, such as:

This class provides students with an awareness of NFPA 70E requirements for safety-related work practices. In addition to OSHA requirements, included are shock hazards and basic electrical safety, lockout/tag out procedures, and the dangers of stored energy.

Learn procedures intended to prevent injuries releases of energy during servicing and maintenance of equipment.

Learn when fall protection is required, and inspection and proper use of fall protection safety equipment.

Training topics include inspection and usage of equipment, calculating weights and tensions, determining the center of gravity, and completing lift plans.

Learn how to safely operate powered tools and complete other tasks while performing work in a confined area. Included is an overview of what constitutes “confined space” and the associated safety requirements.

Topics include general awareness, function-specific responsibilities, security risks, safety requirements and transportation training requirements.

Learn the ability to select, use and care for appropriate personal protective equipment based on the work area and specific job task. The requirements of employers and individual workers are also discussed.

The common causes of machine accidents and safeguard requirements are discussed in this class. Included is information on specific machine parts that pose hazards and the methods and types of devices used to reduce the risk of injury.

Learn who is at risk, understand exposure methods, and the necessity and content of an exposure control plan. Also included is how to properly select and use PPE and other good housekeeping practices to reduce exposure, as well as what action to take if exposure occurs.

Learn the contents of an effective safety and health program and how it can prevent and control hazards in the workplace.

Industrial Insite specializes in customized training. We will tailor existing curriculum to address your specific learning outcomes or develop training around a site-specific topic, relevant to your workforce.

Industrial Insite also helps companies develop specialized skills training around their approved processes to address unique safety requirements.

What our customers say…

The training addressed precisely what we needed to learn.

Scott County Area
MainTraining Program Participant

The training was very informative; good open discussions in class.

Rosemount Nuclear

The instructor used stories — examples from his experience — to convey information, which was very helpful.

Emerson Process Control

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