Workforce Training

Delivering quality tools and training to fuel greater manufacturing momentum.

Ready to boost the performance of your workforce? Does your company need to satisfy regulatory requirements for training or qualification? Industrial Insite can help with both.

We offer the tools and teachable moments to bring measurable results. Whether you need to train production supervisors, machine operators, quality inspectors, material handling workers or assemblers, they will all benefit from Industrial Insite’s dynamic and effective training resources.

We’ve developed a proven, systematic approach to equip your workers for optimal performance. By partnering with employers, we develop an effective training program that is focused on meeting specific task-based training needs, and that will deliver needed improvements in workers’ knowledge, skill and attitude.

Our programs are:

  • Auditable
  • Consistently repeatable
  • Effective
  • Designed for continuous improvement
  • Compliant with regulatory requirements

Industrial Insite instructors are experienced and qualified training specialists, and generally experts in their fields. Our record of developing employee competencies has led to longstanding relationships with mid-size and major manufacturers, including those with Six Sigma, ISO, LEAN, Department of Defense and regulatory requirements.

Types of Training

Whether you produce potato chips, steel enclosures, train cars, radios, medical implants, magazines or electricity, our certification and training programs will improve your bottom line. Our programs cover a range of manufacturing topics including:

  • ISO training
  • Manufacturing training
  • On-site training
  • Operator training
  • Quality training
  • Technical training
  • Training certification
    …and more!

Qualification Training for Highly Regulated Industries

We are uniquely qualified to provide workforce training and instruction for highly regulated industries. Industrial Insite has a nuclear power-qualified senior technical instructor on staff, as well as qualified subject matter experts to provide training for the power generation industry. Our training and certification programs also address compliance with FAA, DoD, FDA, DoE, NRC, OSHA, ISO, and other regulators.

Specialized Skills Training

Industrial Insite instructors are highly-qualified professionals in specialized fields. Our resources have skills in niche markets, such as energy management, medical product manufacturing, foodservice, automated processes, high-tech products, LEAN training, IT and information systems, original equipment manufacturing, defense industry projects, maintenance, Six Sigma training, safety/OSHA training, quality assurance, and many more.

Soldering Skills Training

In additional to IPC Certification training, Industrial Insite excels at capturing your current processes in a customized lesson plan to ensure consistent, auditable results that are compliant with your requirements. We also offer soldering skills training, at all levels.

The Hand Soldering Fundamentals class is designed to familiarize workers new to soldering with basic concepts, equipment and protocols. Students have an opportunity to learn and develop the knowledge and hands on skill necessary to complete a solder connection that meets the IPC J-STD-001 acceptance criteria for Class 3 assemblies.

The Advanced Soldering Techniques class includes specialized rework techniques, resistive re-flow soldering, soldering under magnification, very fine pitch SMT soldering, characteristics of lead-free soldering, RoHS requirements, and identification of lead-free versus leaded assemblies.

Pre Class Assessments & Post Class Evaluations

Industrial Insite training is tailored to meet your specific learning objectives and the capabilities of your workforce. We can provide pre-class assessments to identify current skills that contribute to—or demonstrate— training effectiveness,. Training is then developed to address the performance gap between current ability and desired outcomes. Post-class evaluations are used after training is completed to verify that learning objectives are achieved.

Training Tools & Mockups

Hands-on training is effective with the adult learner. In addition to classroom instruction, Industrial Insite is skilled at delivering hands-on training experiences. We provide PLC, motor control, VFD and other trainers, as well as custom-design and build training tools and mockups to educate workers to your specific equipment and processes.

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Workforce Training

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