MSSC Certification Training

MSSC Certification

Focusing on industry-defined federally-endorsed standards

Employers looking to raise the level of performance of front-line production workers to an even higher level can choose Manufacturing Skill Standards Certification (MSSC). MSSC is an industry-led standards-based training, assessment and certification system focused on core technical skill building for the industrial worker. Training includes interactive online content blended with classroom learning led by an Industrial Insite authorized MSSC instructor. Our instructors are specially-trained with the “hands-on” field expertise to help you succeed.

Why is this certification important?

A skilled workforce is good for everyone. It leads to higher-wage jobs for workers, and gives companies a competitive edge for greater precision and productivity in production. Today’s manufacturing jobs are increasingly technical and a skilled, adaptable workforce is a must. MSSC training benefits both entry-level and incumbent workers with the opportunity to demonstrate that they have the core skills and knowledge needed in today’s manufacturing arena.

Benefit to Employers:

  • Ensures the quality of your workforce
  • Enhances the ability to attract, motivate, and retain qualified employees
  • Gains seamless workforce training practices
  • Benchmarks industry skills
  • Ensures common practice among plants
  • Eliminates the cost of remedial training

Benefit to Workers:

  • Documents your skills and knowledge
  • Improves career advancement opportunities
  • Gains an industry-recognized credential bearing the ANSI/ISO accreditation mark
  • Offers potential opportunity to earn college credit for your accomplishments

Industrial Insite is pleased to offer the following MSSC course:

Certified Production Technician (CPT)

Choose full certification, modular or fast-track

CPTAE Certification addresses the core technical competencies of higher skilled production workers in all sectors of manufacturing. The program is made up of five modules (shown below)—each with its own MSSC award certificate. Trainees can take specific modules to earn individual certificates, or they can engage in the full program to earn a full Certified Production Technician (CPT) Certification. Candidates must earn the first four certificates below in order to receive full certification. (Green is not a current requirement for full CPT certification.) Those who are confident they can bypass training and successfully complete the assessment, can jump right into online testing with the Fast Track approach.

CPT Modules

  • Work in a safe an productive manufacturing workplace
  • Perform safety and environmental inspections
  • Perform emergency drills and participate in emergency teams
  • Identify unsafe conditions and take corrective action
  • Provide safety orientation for all employees
  • Train personnel to use equipment safely
  • Suggest process and procedures that support safety of work environment
  • Fulfill safety and health requirements for maintenance, installation and repair
  • Monitor safe equipment and operator performance
  • Utilize effective, safety-enhancing workplace practices
  • Participate in periodic internal quality audit activities
  • Check calibration of gages and other data collection equipment
  • Suggest continuous improvements
  • Inspect materials and product/process at all stages to ensure they meet specifications
  • Document the results of quality problems
  • Communicate quality problems
  • Take corrective actions to restore or maintain quality
  • Record process outcomes and trends
  • Identify fundamentals of blueprint reading
  • Use common measurement systems and precision measurement tools
  • Identify customer needs
  • Determine resources available for the production process
  • Set up equipment for the production process
  • Set team production goals
  • Make job assignments
  • Coordinate work flow with team members and other work groups
  • Communicate production and material requirements and product specifications
  • Preform and monitor the process to make the product
  • Document product and process compliance with customer requirements
  • Prepare final product for shipping or distribution
  • Prepare preventative maintenance and routine repair
  • Monitor indicators to ensure correct operations
  • Perform all housekeeping to maintain production schedule
  • Recognize potential maintenance issues with basic production systems, including knowledge of when to inform maintenance personnel about
  • Green Production (Optional – not required for CPT Certification)
  • Train workers in environmental issues
  • Implement and promote environmental programs, projects, policies or procedures
  • Conduct environmental incident and hazard investigations
  • Conduct preventive environmental inspections
  • Monitor environmental aspects at each stage of productions
  • Implement continuous improvement in environmental assurance
  • Use advanced materials in production to reduce waste
  • Reprocess materials by recycling and reuse

By partnering with Industrial Insite for your manufacturing training programs, you can be sure that your employees demonstrate the skills they need to keep your company moving forward.

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MSSC was accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO Standard 17024 (personnel certification) in 2011. MSSC is the first national certification body accredited under this international standard for manufacturing and logistics. To acknowledge that accreditation, MSSC initiated a new CPT with an “AE” designation, which stands for “ANSI Edition.”

This accreditation recognizes MSSC’s commitment to continuous improvement and long-standing leadership in the field of industry-recognized credentials.  It establishes MSSC as the gold standard of certification and provides added value for employers, educators, workers and students.

MSSC certification

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