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Addressing today’s skills gap

Industrial Insite is prepared to help employers get the qualified workers you need by leveraging the skills and knowledge of the retiree workforce – members of our Encore Training Team.

There is a growing shortage of qualified manufacturing workers in America.  As retirees leave the full-time workforce, the need for replacements increases.  We can help make sure that our future is in good hands by passing on legacy knowledge and skills to benefit the next generation of American workers, their employers, and the strength of domestic manufacturing.

We are facing a substantial shortage of future American workers.

Over the next 10 years…

  • 2.7 million baby boomers will retire, representing  22 percent of the existing workforce.
  • As manufacturing businesses expand, return to the U.S. and cope with the outflow of retirees, an estimated 3.5 million new manufacturing jobs will need to be filled.
  • Some 2 million of those jobs are expected to go unfilled, due to a skill gap.
  • 67% of high school graduates lack the basic technical training for entry level manufacturing jobs.

Source:  Information taken from “The skills gap in U.S. manufacturing 2015 and beyond,” a survey and report from the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte.

Industrial Insite’s Encore Training team members have amassed a lifetime of technical skill and knowledge. Our team is passing on their legacy knowledge to the next generation of American workers to help ensure they are the best trained in the world. With the real-world technical savvy of our retiree instructors and our training process expertise, we will help you achieve a qualified, skilled workforce.

Industrial Insite can also help you capture the wisdom of your workforce before it retires.

You know better than anyone that there is a staggering number of very experienced manufacturing workers currently retiring or set to retire in the coming years. How will you ensure that their knowledge of your process is passed on to others with less hands-on experience?

Industrial Insite can help you capture the wisdom of your skilled workers and create a workforce training program that gives any new hire the tools to succeed.

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