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Industrial Insite needs encore workers willing to share their hard-earned knowledge.

You have the legacy skills to help us train the next generation of America’s manufacturing workers.

You’ve gained a lifetime of technical skill and knowledge. Why not leverage your skills and hands-on experience by helping train the next generation of American workers?

Retirees with real-world experience are the best qualified to train the next generation of manufacturing workers.

You are needed because there is a growing shortage of qualified manufacturing workers in America.  As retirees like you leave the full-time workforce, the need for your replacements is only going to increase. You can help make sure that our future is in good hands by passing on your legacy knowledge and skills to benefit the next generation of American workers, their employers, and the strength of domestic manufacturing.

What’s in it for you?

  • Work flexibility – You decide how much you want to work, whether it’s an hourly assignment or a longer engagement.
  • A legacy for America – You will be contributing to the success of the next great generation of American manufacturing workers.
  • Extra income – You can supplement your retirement and Social Security income.
  • Connections – You will stay involved, up to date and active in your field without the obligation of a 40-hour workweek.


We are seeking qualified workers with knowledge in general manufacturing, equipment maintenance, machine control systems, technical assembly processes, machine operations, plant safety, quality processes and others. Veterans are especially welcome, too.

If you’ve helped people learn how to do their jobs better, you know how to train.  Formal training experience is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.  More important are your job skills and enthusiasm to share them. You will be working with small groups of workers who need real-world conversations about the topic at hand.

We’ll work with you to find assignments that fit your skills and experience, supply all training materials, set up your assignments, handle all the paperwork and support your success. You decide which assignments to accept.

Every retiree’s situation is unique. Check with your financial or tax advisor for how additional income may impact you.

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If you want to continue to contribute to American manufacturing and return to the workforce part-time on your terms, call 763-753-7595 or send email to [email protected].